How To Keep Your Web-Based Access Control System Safe

Moving access control systems to web-based platforms can make maintenance and security easier to handle. If there's a problem, you can access the system from anywhere -- no need to be in the office to log in. You also don't need to invest in a huge physical network of devices to run and maintain the access system. However, like other web-based endeavors, access control has been a target of hackers trying to both take over devices for denial of service attacks and gain entry to a company's internal systems. You can keep your web-based access control system safe by treating it like a web-connected computer.

Update Regularly

If the software has security updates, get them right away. Just as you want to have the latest security patches for your phone or browser, you'll want to have them for your access control system. Always make updates immediately when a security patch is released.

Ensure a Firewall Is in Use

If you can add a firewall to the system, do so. The only access to the inner workings of this access control system should be through password-protected and restricted logins. You should be wary about anything other than connected card readers and authorized staff that tries to send data to the system. Remember that your computers and phones will have their own firewalls that you can turn on; if any other devices have to be connected to the system, see if they have firewalls, too. You want layers upon layers of security.

Train Your Employees to Spot Social Engineering

Sometimes hackers don't need to spend weeks and weeks trying to sneak into a system (really -- remote hacking can take a long time). Instead, they engage in social engineering, in which they manipulate others into handing over information, like passwords. Teach all staff who have access to the system to recognize social engineering so that they can resist phishing attempts and pressure from "security contractors" and the like who are trying to steal passwords to the web interface for the access control system.

Web-based access control is innovative and extremely helpful, but no type of access control will be foolproof. These steps to make the web-based system more secure are simple and can help make this a perfect type of system for you.

To learn more about web-based access control systems and how to keep them secure, contact a security company near you.