Locksmiths: What You Need To Know

Just about everyone has locked themselves out of their home or vehicle at some point in life, and of course, it usually happens at the most inopportune time. But hey, when is it a convenient time to be left stranded, really? While most people don't give a locksmith too much thought until they need one, everyone should know these two surprising tips.

#1 A Locksmith Can Duplicate A Key From A Picture Or Impression

Apparently, if a locksmith is talented enough, he doesn't need to even come over to make you a copy. You can download an app on your phone,  take a picture of your different keys, and send them directly to the locksmith. Think of it as lockout insurance. While this is quite an impressive skill, it's also a great reminder to be careful with your keys. Don't leave your keys laying around when you are in public; it's too easy for someone to snap a quick picture or press into a piece of clay. You should also consider having a locksmith install an additional lock or changing the locks on the doors in your home if you fear they were stolen rather than lost. Two locks rather than one could make a big difference if someone were trying to break in.  

#2 Don't Call Just Any Locksmith

Most locksmiths are reputable, but because they aren't frequently used, you likely don't have an ongoing, working relationship with them. Look for a locksmith who is local to your area. Often, people find a reputable locksmith in their telephone book. Locksmiths with a local landline telephone number and physical address in the phone book is a good sign they are a member of your community.  

Another way you can find someone trustworthy is by word-of-mouth. Asking on social media is probably the quickest way to get a personal recommendation for a quality locksmith, but don't forget to ask your friends and family members, too. You can also do a web search for "Associated Locksmiths of America" to find a locksmith in your area who is a member of their primary professional association. Additionally, the Federal Trade Commission has great tips on finding a locksmith and things to be aware of

If you are worried about your home safety, you can also ask a locksmith to do a security audit for your home or business. They will identify any areas that may be vulnerable and recommend solutions to prevent future issues, such as installing a keyless entry.