4 Hidden Cameras Ideal For Seasonal Campsites

A campground offers a rustic lifestyle and a great way to get in touch with nature throughout the summer. If you own a seasonal campsite, then your trailer or RV is typically parked on a single location all summer long. This is a great way to spend your summer, but it also leaves your belongings vulnerable when you are not at the campground. The installation of hidden cameras allows you to monitor your campsite even when you're not on the premises. There are four different types of hidden cameras that you can purchase for your seasonal campsite. Each of these cameras can blend into the surroundings and give you high-quality footage of your trailer and the surrounding area.

Planter Cameras

Add surveillance to either the interior or exterior of your trailer with the installation of planter cameras. These cameras feature a fake potted plant with the camera technology built directly into the vase of the planter. If you have a porch area outside of the trailer, the planter is an ideal decoration to place near the door. It can capture footage of anyone entering or exiting your trailer. It can also be used to capture footage of people attempting to break into the trailer. On the inside of the trailer, a small planter can be placed on a counter without taking up too much space. This can help add surveillance inside the trailer. If your trailer is naturally dark, the planter camera can be purchased with night vision technology. This allows you to capture clear footage both inside and outside of the trailer.

Power Box Cameras

Trailers and RVs have multiple ways to connect to power grids and have electricity on the inside. By using a power box hidden camera, the camera case can blend in with the exterior of the trailer. It's easy to attach this hidden camera right on the exterior frame of the trailer. It will simply look like it is a power inverter or fuse box. The hidden camera is located directly in the center of the power box, giving you a clear view of anything that it is pointed at. For example, if the back end of your trailer faces a campground road, you can place the power box camera on there and have surveillance of any car or foot traffic that is going near your campsite. A power box that is positioned higher up on the trailer can also offer a wide view of your whole campsite. When browsing cameras, look for a wide-angled lens that can capture your entire campsite.

Rock Cameras

An ideal way to help blend your security cameras in with nature and your campsite is with a rock camera. These cameras are in the shape of a rock and can blend naturally with your campsite landscaping. As the rocks are positioned low to the ground, these surveillance cameras are typically pointed upwards to offer a clear view of your trailer. If your trailer has internet access, then you can purchase a rock camera with a wireless connection. Also known as IP cameras, this technology is connected directly to the internet and will give you access to a live feed no matter where you are located.

An exterior hidden rock camera is also weather resistant. This allows you to record camera footage through random rain showers or cold weather situations. Along with facing your trailer, a rock camera is ideal for installing near an outdoor fireplace or shed that you keep on your campsite. This can supply different angles and surveillance of items that you typically keep outside all summer long.

Contact a security company, such as Videotec Corporation, to view your different options. It's important to choose a camera that will blend into your campsite and not look so obvious when it is placed among other items.